3/8″ Drive 12″ Flex Head Ratchet


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The MILWAUKEE® 3/8” Drive 12” Flex Head Ratchet with a 4? arc swing provides better access and is more adaptable to working in spaces with different angles. The ratchet head can flex to 9 different positions and has a lever to lock the head in place. The extended handle length offers increased leverage for stubborn nuts and bolts, a slim profile design, and a flush directional lever for better accessibility. The all-chrome finish makes cleaning the extended-reach ratchet easy. This ratchet is backed by Milwaukee’s Mechanics Hand Tools Lifetime Guarantee.
4° Arc Swing
9 Locking Positions – Adaptable Access
High Leverage Extended Handle
Slim Profile Head
90-Tooth Design
Flush Directional Lever
Flex Head Design
Chrome Plated
12″ Ratchet
Lifetime Guarantee

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Weight 1.19 lbs
Dimensions 1.1 × 2.01 × 15.16 in


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