28 Pc. Ratchet & Socket Set-SAE


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The Milwaukee® 3/8 in. 28 piece drive ratchet & socket sets provides better access and maximum strength. The 90-tooth ratchet offers 4° of arc swing and a slim profile design, allowing work in tighter spaces. The wrench-compatible socket design has four parallel flats to deter rolling. Optimized socket geometry reduces rounding and stripping. SAE socket sizes are stamped into the flats for improved visibility. The kit comes with a removable inner tray and a portable carrying case. The set comes with accessories included.
90-Tooth design
4-Degrees of arc swing
Slim profile ratchet
Flush directional lever
Socket flats deter rolling
Wrench-ready socket design
Stamped socket sizes
Removable inner storage tray
Portable carrying case
Lifetime guarantee

Additional information

Weight 7.28 lbs
Dimensions 14.05 × 10.15 × 2.3 in


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