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The MILWAUKEE® Round Brush Tool makes cleaning easier by agitating, releasing, and cleaning hard-to-get material from surfaces. The soft bristles will not mar or scratch surfaces, which allows for quick cleaning quickly without causing damage to finished surfaces. This round vacuum cleaner brush is compatible with Milwaukee Vacuums 0880-20, 0882-20, 0940-20, 0960-20, 0970-20, and most 1-1/4” diameter vacuum hoses.
Bristles will not mar or scratch surfaces
Includes: 1-1/4 in. Round Brush Tool
For general purpose pickup of dry dust and debris
Friction fit easily attaches and removes from hose
Ideal for use on many delicate surfaces
Brushes help release caked on/embedded dust from hard surfaces

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Weight 0.165 lbs
Dimensions 10.8 × 7.2 × 2.85 in


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