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Milwaukee INKZALL™ liquid paint markers were designed from the ground up to provide users with the best performance on tough jobsite surfaces. All INKZALL™ liquid paint markers feature a durable acrylic nib that can write on the dirtiest, hottest and roughest of surfaces. Proprietary paint developed specifically for INKZALL™ liquid paint markers can mark on surfaces up to 300F and dries in 10 seconds. For the most demanding environmental conditions, INKZALL™ liquid paint markers provide the longest lasting marks that are both water and UV resistant.
Writes on dirtiest, hottest, roughest surfaces
Durable acrylic nib
Water & UV resistant markings
10 Second dry time
Marks on surfaces up to 300-degrees F
Valve activated marker

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Weight 0.06 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 0.85 × 0.75 in


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