M12™ Auto Technician Borescope 5mm


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Optimized for the automotive technician, the MILWAUKEE® M12™ Auto Technician Borescope delivers 5mm access and clear diagnosis, meeting inspection demands in passenger, light truck, and diesel applications. Powered by the M12™ battery system, this borescope is fully compatible with all M12™ solutions in your toolbox. The 5mm camera head, paired with a 3’ cable optimized for rigidity, allows for best access in tight spaces, including glow plug holes and fuel injector ports. Front and side view cameras with adjustable LED brightness provide increased application viewing. High-definition photo and video capture with 4x zoom allows the technician to diagnose hairline cracks with confidence. The 4.3” rotatable screen allows the technician to adapt the borescope to their inspection environment. Conveniently access, export, and share files stored on the included 32GB SD card. Equipped with HEAT SENSE™ Temperature Alert technology, if the vehicle being inspected is too hot to use the camera without potential damage, the borescope notifies the user and shuts down, helping the technician extend the life of their cable. Field-replaceable camera cable (48-59-3150) for reduced downtime.
Diagnose Hairline Cracks with Clarity
Access Glow Plug Holes & Fuel Injector Ports
Front & Side View for Increased Application Viewing
Field-Replaceable Camera Cable (48-59-3150) for Reduced Downtime
4-Level Zoom Adjustment
Capture Photo & Video, Conveniently Export Via SD Card
4.3” Rotatable Screen
3’ Camera Cable
5-Level Adjustable LED Brightness
HEAT SENSE™ Temperature Alert technology
Compatible with over 150+ tools on the M12™ System

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Weight 7.2 lbs
Dimensions 16.1 × 6.3 × 13.7 in


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