Dual Bay Rapid Charger


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Our M18™ Dual Bay Simultaneous Rapid Charger is capable of charging two batteries at once, over 3X faster than standard sequential chargers. The charger accepts all MILWAUKEE® M18™ batteries. This compact battery charger is equipped with REDLINK™ Intelligence that communicates directly with M18™ batteries to monitor cell voltage, temperature and charge status to deliver the best combination of charge duration and pack lifespan. Charging batteries simultaneously at a rapid charge rate massively reduces downtime and maximizes productivity. Its compact size makes this an ideal charger to carry on and off the job, hang in a work trailer, or charge on the top shelf of a job box. Our M18™ Dual Bay Simultaneous Rapid Charger is perfect for professionals who charge and swap battery packs throughout the day.
REDLINK™ intelligence: Optimizes charge rates based on the battery type and temperature to minimize charge duration and maximize battery lifespan.
Internal fan maximizes charger performance
80% charge indicator: the charger slowly flashes green when the battery reaches 80% state of charge
Integrated hang holes for wall mounting
(2) M18™ Ports
Power Source: AC
5 year charger warranty

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Weight 3.805 lbs
Dimensions 8.35 × 10.9 × 4.15 in


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