Carbide Tooth Hole Saw Arbor


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Milwaukee® Big Hawg™ with Carbide teeth is first-to-market in providing extreme life and durability in both nail-embedded wood and abrasive material applications. Utilizing advanced Carbide technology, the new Big Hawg™ with Carbide teeth gives users 50x life in demanding applications with the ability to cut 1000+ more nails. 10X larger Carbide teeth rip through materials 5X faster while deeper slots make for fast and easy plug removal. Big Hawg™ with Carbide teeth allows users to cut through the toughest materials including nails, cement board, shingles, plaster and stucco.
50X Life in nail embedded wood & abrasive material applications
Cuts 1000+ more nails
5X Faster cuts
7/16 in. quick change Arbor
Carbide tipped for fast drilling in nail embedded wood and abrasive materials
Exclusive bit geometry aids in plug removal

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Weight 0.51 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 2.95 × 1.4 in


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