9/16-12 Nc Hex Die


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The MILWAUKEE® 1-7/16” Hex Threading Dies are precision machined for creating or repairing clean, accurate (external) threads. The Hex Dies feature long-lasting laser-etched sizing for the clearest markings and include a protective Black Oxide coating for corrosion resistance. The large 1-7/16” Hex shape is compatible with 1-7/16” Die stocks or for use with wrenches. Engineered for durability, the MILWAUKEE® 1-7/16” Hex Dies are designed for cutting threads in the most common metal applications including brass, aluminum, mild steel, and more. For best results, use Hex Dies with cutting fluid.
Precision Machined for creating and repairing clean, accurate threads
High Carbon Steel for durability
Long lasting laser etch for the clearest markings
Black Oxide coating to resist corrosion
Hex Dies can be used to create or repair threads
Clearly labeled starting side for easier threading application set up
Compatible with MILWAUKEE© Hex-LOK™ 2-in-1 Threading Handle?
1” Hex design is compatible with all standard 1” Hex Die stocks
Designed for use in metal materials including brass, aluminum, mild steel, and more
For best results use with cutting fluid

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Dimensions 0.55 × 2.87 × 4.75 in


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