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The MILWAUKEE® RED HELIX™ Cobalt 7/64″ Drill Bit is engineered for extreme durability and longer life in hard metal applications. The Milwaukee Cobalt drill bits are designed with a VARIABLE HELIX ™ that includes an aggressive 35° Helix Angle which ends at 15°. The 135° SPLIT POINT TIP™ delivers a precision start and prevents walking for fast, accurate holes in Hard Metal, PVC and wood.The tapered drill bits feature a new ENHANCED TAPERED WEB™ that strengthens the bit’s core to increase flute durability. The cobalt twist drill bits are ideal for tough applications, providing up to 15X life vs. Black Oxide Drill Bits™.
Cobalt alloy for up to 15X Life vs. Black Oxide Drill Bits
ENHANCED TAPERED WEB™ strengthens the bits core
VARIABLE HELIX™ Design for rapid material extraction
135-Degree split point for precision start no walking
3-Flat Secure-Grip™ helps keep the bit fixed within the the chuck
Designed for Hard Metals, PVC and Wood

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Weight 0.015 lbs
Dimensions 5.7 × 1.9 × 0.15 in


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