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The MILWAUKEE® Universal Fit OPEN-LOK™ 3-Piece Multi-Material Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade Variety Pack contains blades ideal for cutting a variety of soft metals, wood, nails, PVC, drywall, and more. The included Titanium Enhanced Carbide Teeth Blade with a patent-pending aggressive tooth design lasts up to 50X longer in extreme materials compared to standard bi-metal blades. The Aggressive Carbide Teeth deliver faster cuts in wood without compromising life in other extreme materials. The Titanium Enhanced Bi-Metal Blade uses premium high-speed steel and lasts up to 15X longer than standard high carbon steel blades. The bi-metal blade is ideal for smooth cuts in wood & nails, PVC, and drywall. This oscillating tool blade variety pack is designed and made in the USA with global materials.
Titanium Enhanced CARBIDE TEETH For Up to 50X Longer Life
Unique Aggressive CARBIDE TEETH For Faster Cuts
Titanium Enhanced Bi-Metal For Up to 15X Longer Life
Titanium Enhanced CARBIDE TEETH For up to 50X Longer Life vs Bi-Metal Blades

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Weight 0.185 lbs
Dimensions 6.3 × 3.8 × 0.6 in


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