18volt Li-Ion LED Worklight


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Powered by the M18™ Red Lithium™ battery, the M18™ cordless LED work light has over 600X the life of conventional incandescent bulbs and runs up to 4X as long. With a sealed aluminum head to provide impact and weather resistance, Milwaukee® provides a limited lifetime LED warranty. An integrated hook allows hands-free use while a 135 degree rotating head allows the user to easily point the light beam at the desired work area.
Sealed, aluminum head – impact and weather resistant
160 lumen LED – bright, white, smooth beam
4X run-time – lasts up to 12 hours on one charge
135° rotating head – aims light at work space
Integrated hook – hands-free use
Integrated hook A hands-free use
135-Degree rotating head aims light at work space
Sealed, aluminum head A impact and weather resistant
Compatible chargers: M18/M12 multi-voltage (48-59-1812), M18 AC/DC (2710-20)
Compatible batteries: compact 1.5 Ah (48-11-1815), compact 2.0 Ah (48-11-1820), extra capacity 3.0 Ah (48-11-1828), extended capacity 4.0 Ah (48-11-1840)
Includes: (1) 2735 – 20 M18 LED work light

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Weight 0.905 lbs
Dimensions 10.9 × 7.45 × 3.45 in


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