16Ft Wide Blade Tape Measure


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The MILWAUKEE® 16ft Wide Blade Tape Measures have the longest, straightest standout and up to 16′ of reach* to take long measurements. The straightest standout* makes it easier to measure long distances alone by reducing blade arc. The tape measures are wear and impact-resistant with nylon bond blade protection and an additional coating on the first 6” of the blade, reducing tape tear. The measuring tapes are constructed with a 5-point reinforced frame for impact resistance.
Up to 17′ reach
Longest, straightest standout*
Anti-tear coating reinforces the first 6 in. of the tape blade
Nylon bond blade protection reduces tape tear
Impact-resistant 5-point reinforced frame
Finger stop delivers tape retraction control
2-Sided printing for easy reading
Architectural scale
Wire form belt clip
Lanyard-ready for quick and easy tethering

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Weight 0.915 lbs
Dimensions 4.05 × 6.75 × 2.45 in


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