13 Pc Flat Boring Bit Set


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Bore clean holes at any angle in a variety of materials with the Milwaukee® flat boring bit. This premium quality flat boring bit is made of heat-treated high carbon steel, so the drill point and cutting edge can be resharpened for cost savings and long life. Bore clean, fast holes at any angle in wood, plastic, plywood and Formica.
Precise cutting edge removes chips fast
Double wing spurs form the hole, reducing vibration and breakout
1/4 in. quick change hex shank
Drill point and cutting edges can be resharpened for long life
Clean holes: heat-treated carbon steel lets you bore clean holes quickly
Versatile: ideal for boring small holes in wood, plastic, plywood and Formica
Any angle, 2 lengths: add a 12 in. extension for deep-hole drilling

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Weight 1.31 lbs
Dimensions 11.9 × 9.1 × 0.55 in


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