1″ Insulated Cable Staples


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The MILWAUKEE® 1” Insulated Cable Staples are used for fastening electrical cables to wood surfaces during the electrical rough-in process. Only compatible with MILWAUKEE® M12 Cable Stapler (2448). UL/CUL approved for single or double stacked 14-2, 14-3, 12-2, 12-3, 10-2, 10-3 (single only) NM-B cable installation. Also suitable for use with low voltage cables such as CAT3, CAT5, CAT6, and Coax. Each package includes 600 staples.
UL/CUL approved for fastening single non-metallic cable: 14/2, 14/3, 12/2, 12/3, 10/2, 10/3 and double stacked non-metallic cable: 14/2, 14/3, 12/2, 12/3, 10/2
Suitable for use on low voltage cable such as CAT3, CAT5, CAT6, and Coax
Only compatible with Milwaukee M12 Cable Stapler (2448)
Plastic Insulated to Protect Cable Sheathing
Collated in Strips of 20 Staples
600 Staples per Box

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Weight 1.52 lbs
Dimensions 3.78 × 5.08 × 3.78 in


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