1/2 DR 3/4 DR Adapter


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The MILWAUKEE® SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2” Drive to 3/4” Drive Socket Adapter provides tool versatility and durability in high torque applications. This adapter converts 1/2” drive tools to be used with 3/4” drive impact sockets. Milwaukee engineered these adapters with forged steel for durability in high torque applications. The laser-etched size markings allow for easy size identification. The dual-hole design and ring groove make for easy adapter attachment and removal. All SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ Socket Adapters meet ASME industry standards.
Optimized for use with 1/2″ drive impact wrenches
Laser etched markings for easy identification
Dual hole design and groove for easier attachment
Meets ASME Industry Standards
Ball detent design for superior impact socket retention
1/2″ drive -> 3/4″ drive impact socket adapter
Optimized for use with 3/4″ drive impact sockets

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Weight 0.363 lbs
Dimensions 1.1 × 1.55 × 4.2 in


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