Charges All MX FUEL™ Batteries; Charges MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ XC406 Battery in 90 Minutes; Charges MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ CP203 Battery in 45 Minutes; REDLINK™ Intelligence: optimizes charge rates based on battery type and temperature providing the best combinations of charge time and pack lifespan; Internal Fan: Maximizes Charger Performance and Lifespan; On-Board Charge Indicator; Integrated Carry Handle

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The MX FUEL™ Battery Charger charges the the MX FUEL™ CP203 Battery in 45 minutes and the MX FUEL™ XC406 Battery in 90 minutes, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. This battery charger accepts all Milwaukee MX FUEL™ Battery packs and features REDLINK™ Intelligence, communicating directly with batteries to monitor cell voltage, temperature, and charge status to optimize the performance while maximizing the lifespan of the pack. An internal fan keeps the charger’s electronics components cool during operation. The charger indicates when the battery reaches an 80% charge, providing users with the confidence that a substantial amount of work can be completed without having to wait for a full charge. The charger features an integrated carry handle for easy transport, even with batteries attached.

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Dimensions 17.64 × 7.76 × 5.63 in