M18™ 3-1/4″ Planer Kit

  • Powerful Motor: Delivers up to 14,000 RPMs
  • Depth Adjustment Dial: 0-5/64″ cut capacity in a single pass, 20 locking positions (1/256″ increments), up to 27/64″ rabbet cut capacity
  • Depth Adjustment Dial: Locks at 0” and 5/64″ settings, eliminating the need to re-zero the dial
  • Chip Ejection Switch: Allows users to select left or right chip exhaust
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The M18™ 3-1/4” Planer deliversunmatched depth control & powerful stock removal for quick and precise materialremoval on soft or hard woods. The Planer’s powerful motor allows the user toremove up to 5/64” in a single pass for increased productivity. The depthadjustment dial’s 20 locking positions allows for multiple depth settings andprecise depth control. In addition the depth adjustment dial does not rotatepast the 0” or 5/64” setting which allows users to quickly identify at whatdepth they are cutting without needing to re-zero the dial. The M18™ Planeralso provides up to a 27/64” rabbet cut capacity offering users more depth ofcut when making shiplap joints. A left or right chip ejection feature allowsusers to aim shavings away from their eyes or finished surfaces; increasingsafety, productivity, and accuracy.

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Dimensions 7.16 × 17.32 × 10.31 in